Thursday, January 9, 2014

Suave Professionals - This Girl's Bestfriend.

Those who know me in real life can attest to the fact that I am a total spendthrift. In the past five years I have gone from being upper middle class, with a great paying job . . . to, let's say not so well to do. I drive a used sedan, where I use to drive a brand new import. I cook at home FAR more than I go out to eat. Redbox is my best friend for a cheap night in. Basically, I am looking to save every penny I can to make the few dollars I have to spare go as far as they possibly can.

I love looking my best, but I just can't bear to spend double digit dollars at the salon for "GOOD" hair care products. My sister turned me on to the Suave Professional line a few years ago, and I have been using the Sleek formula ever since. Unfortunately I was cursed with awfully frizzy hair, and more fly aways than I know what to do with on any given day. I hate weighing my hair down with a ton of product, and this line of shampoo and conditioner provides a great foundation for starting the day off right.

At my local Wal-Mart I can get a big bottle shampoo and conditioner for around $6, and they last me a good month. The consistency is rich and creamy and doesn't leave a ton of build up on my hair. It's really a win win. The sleek formula does a great job on cutting back on frizz and flyaways, and I always feel like I'm not spending a small fortune just to have a good hair day!

If you have not had the pleasure of trying this line from Suave, give it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised, as I am sure you will be too!